Saint James Hospital Group

Conducted a thorough assessment of the Medical Tourism opportunity for this boutique private Hospital in Malta, providing a thorough fact base, a sound strategy and business plan as well as a series of meetings with specialist intermediaries in the US and Canada that led to the decision to set up a line of business focused on this business. Supported the implementation and launch of the business.

We were particularly impressed with the ongoing support provided by the M2 Business Frameworks team in overseeing the project from concept to implementation providing management and staff with the tools and information necessary to familiarise and position themselves such that this project was developed into a successful business venture for the Hospital.

Jean Claude Muscat, Managing Director, St. James Hospital

Saint James provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services – ranging from simple blood tests to diagnostic scans, from cosmetic surgery to dental services, from emergency care to complex surgery. Saint James Hospital is ranked as the top private healthcare organizations on the Maltese Islands. Since inception, it has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence as it continues to provide expertise in healthcare disciplines, whilst translating medical knowledge into improved patient care.

Our initial engagement with Saint James was to study the opportunity for Medical Tourism as a specialty area for Saint James Hospital. The study, which included extensive research of the US and European Medical Tourism markets for specific surgical procedures, including waiting lists, pricing and customer experience expectations.

Through direct contact with Agency intermediaries specializing in the business and in market tours, we supported Saint James in building relationships with the market leaders and getting a personal and clear view of the business opportunity, while concurrently positioning Saint James as a top quality medical services provider.

This work has led Saint James to establish a line of business dedicated to Medical Tourism and to materially invest in building up this opportunity. Saint James is now reaping the benefits of this investment and beating its initial targets in terms of the number of Medical Tourism surgeries that it is providing.