Practice Areas

Our primary expertise is in complex service businesses.

Companies that have complex and ongoing relationships with customers and need to deliver a highly specialized and complex service to their clients. These include Banks, Hospitals, Airports Hotels, Insurers and numerous other entities that are looking to more effectively build their customer experience while effectively managing operational efficiency and risk. Our practice has become absolutely focused on enabling our clients to achieve this Triple Win Outcome©.

We focus on developing the right strategy for our clients and then facilitate its implementation with a strong customer bias.

Corporate Strategy

Clarity & executive alignment around a common vision


Effective, engaging and integrated planning process

Inside-out Branding

Balancing brand creativity with structure

Outside-in Process

Establishing & embedding effective operational processes


Providing both assessment & evaluation services

Product Start-ups

Enabling start-ups get off the ground effectively and with impact

Organisation Change

Enabling organisations to make strategic choices

IT Strategy & Governance

Relating strong and explicit governance structures

Project Management

Comprehensive solutions and high quality standards

Performance Management

Benefits realisation is at the very core of our practice