Virgin Life Care

Virgin Life Care is a Health Care start-up in the United States, with an established business operating in South Africa. It forms an integral part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group in North America.

On the ground right when Virgin Life Care was first being set up in the US market, M2 -Business Frameworks has been actively involved in all aspects of managing the enterprise including developing enterprise strategies, integrating business plans, developing organization structures and rewards programs and creating marketing plans for VLC’s products. Strong focus on engineering the Health Rewards Program’s customer experience as well as driving customer service delivery and business operations.

M2 -Business Frameworks also implemented VLC’s program and project management including governance, stage-gate mechanisms, project tracking and scorecard reporting covering product development and the US launch program. Led full implementation of the compliance mechanisms for ISO-17799 and HIPAA compliance including policy definition, security procedures and business continuity. In parallel, we defined and implemented all the processes required for VLC to operate its business driving process and technology integration with VLC partners (insurers, health clubs). VLC launched in the US market in February 2006 in Florida and Texas in partnership with Humana Insurance.

Drove the definition and implementation of the organization’s full suite of operations processes, setting up customer service capabilities across all touch points and building call centre operations as well as actively guiding back office operations for launch in early 2006. Instrumental in enabling the organization to set up its business processes and operations to deliver a quality customer service experience.