Compudigm International Ltd

Engaged by the CEO (supporting Project Solutions Corp.) to provide active strategic, program management and HR transition support at a critical time in its lifecycle. The company, which was focused on providing breakthrough visual analytics to support decision making, ultimately sold its seePOWER gaming applications to Bally Technologies Ltd.

Compudigm International Ltd. (CIL) Compudigm have been industry-recognized leaders in business intelligence and data visualization solutions. Industry analysts have declared seePOWER™ as being “two generations ahead of anything else available on the market today”. Their core competence related to the ability to undertake complex realtime analysis in a visual and intuitive manner.

Engaged by the CEO of Compudigm, through our partnership with PSC, on a number of assignments, including:

1. Facilitated the development of an overarching strategy to transform Compudigm’s business model and transfer its operations and asset base from New Zealand to the United States and Europe.

2. Working directly with the management team, translated the strategy above to a specific, project managed action plan to fully implement the core strategies required to drive business success. Recognizing that this was a period of major and disruptive change within the organization, our role was that of a steady guiding hand, ensuring follow up on key deliverables and encouraging collaboration and implementation across extreme time-zones.

3. Enabled the executive team to collectively provide the documentation required to fulfill the acquisition of Compudigm’s Gaming Power module to Bally Technologies Inc., a market leader in the gaming industry world-wide.

4. Actively supported Compudigm’s management of the HR Transition strategy from New Zealand to Las Vegas and Brussels, providing the frameworks, the overall strategy, a tight implementation plan, acting as an external voice on individual staff interviews, created the employee communications strategy, worked directly with the legal advisors, assisted in selection of the staff, and provided employee transition advice to the HR manager throughout the process.